Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Best and Safest Ingredients For Homemade Pet Food

If you have a dog, you should use such ingredients as meat, grains, dairy products or vegetables for cooking special homemade foods. Dogs have greater predisposition to certain health problems, such as obesity, arthritis, canine diabetes, etc., therefore it is necessary to control the ingredients for your homemade meals and be very strict about calorie check. Cats need more proteins than dogs, because generally cats need more energy than dogs. That is why you should use such ingredients as high-quality meat, fish, dairy products and eggs, some vegetables for homemade food for cats. Also, it is possible to prepare healthy and balanced homemade meals for birds, hamsters and other popular pets.

Remember that there are certain ingredients you need to avoid using for homemade pet food. Those include, first of all, sweet foods like chocolate or candies with artificial sweeteners, various spices, mushrooms, salty nuts and walnuts, as well as garlic and onions. Besides, you should always keep in mind that it is necessary to be always sure in the quality of all the vegetables and fruit you are about to use for your homemade pet food, or vegetables and fruit you are going to give to you pet. Using natural foods, which contain a lot of dangerous chemicals and compounds used to boost growth of such fruit or vegetables, can be extremely harmful and sometimes even lethal for your pet.

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